Mar 31, 2012

New arrivals / 新商品続々入荷!

We went to the auction and got many items yesterday and we were so busy to wash and clean all of them today.  As you know, the things from the auction is dirty because they were kept in 'Kura' (old warehouse) for a long time and some dealers bring them directly from there.  We always clean them completely and display them at the shop.
When I make bids for the items, I should be so careful about checking the condition on them, of course. But they are sometimes so dirty and difficult to check them in the short time. 
I sometimes feel shocked to see the damages I couldn't see at the auction place!!
For this time, I can say I did good job:)  Please visit our shop and look all of them!!

If you are interested in Imari Blue & White Bowls (set of 3/L/M/S) , Old Small Bronz VasesSmall Lacquered Trays (15 pieces!), 'Shishigashira'(Good face!),  Hina doll's Lacquered Boxes, Blue & White Sake cup Holders(various designs), Fine & Rare 'Soba' cupsOld Bronze Insence BurnerSewing box, 'Ema' (wooden plaque from shrine), and many more...., DON'T miss it!

Okura Oreintal Art

仕入れたものは完璧に綺麗にしてからディスプレイ。 商品は市場で競りにかけられたものを状態を見ながら入札していくのですが、中には蔵からそのまま持って来たものを出品する業者も多く、なかなか短時間では、見極める事ができません。 翌日洗浄して、小さなキズに泣くこともしばしば・・・。

さて、昨日仕入れた商品を ちょっとだけご紹介。


Mar 24, 2012


幅122cm 長尺物もラクラク収納


How do you decorate the space by the window?  If you find the furniture which has just size of the furniture in antiques, it maybe amazing!! We could get some for our space.  Look! the height is the same as the wall under the windows!!  

If you are looking for the specific size of furniture, please feel free to ask us.  We will be happy to try to find it!!

Okura Oriental Art

当店にいらっしゃるお客様からよくご相談を受けるのが腰高の窓下をどのように活用すればよいかわからない・・・・ というもの。



古い箪笥でも探せばきっと見つかります。 ピッタリでなくとも加工をすることでよりイメージに合ったものに仕上がりますよ。

この画像もその一例。 元々は奥行きが60cm以上あった帳場箪笥の下段部分。それを使いやすい45cmに加工。窓際にしっくり収まりました。(幅は180cmあります)


今回、入荷したのは上の画像、総桐の幅広箪笥、全幅122cm 高さ69cm 奥行き41.5cm 日本の典型的な腰高窓にちょうど良さそうなサイズ。 これなら加工もせずこのまま置けますね。

総桐箪笥: 150,000円


Mar 23, 2012

Today's Okura Oriental Art/ 今日の大蔵オリエンタルアート

It is rainy and cold in Tokyo today, but I could feel 'spring ' and went to the florist yesterday.
It was fun to drive in sunny day and spend peaceful time at my favorite florist.  
Thinking about the pair of 'Hiire' pots with orange & pale blue colors and a hanging copper flower vase, I chose the flowers in the picture.
'Kodemari'(reeves spirea) is so nice for hanging vase, and orange tulips & green wheat make us feel warm season!! Mrs.L looked 'Hiire' pots and bought them today.  She told me to keep them with those flowers until they will finish.  Thank you, Mrs.L, You are too kind!! 

 It was so cold this winter, but we can see 'Sakura' in April!!

Okura Oriental Art


お目当ては先日仕入れた、太鼓型のオレンジと淡いブルーが綺麗な火入れと、銅の釣花入れに合うお花。 オレンジ色の花と、垂らしてアレンジすると美しい枝もの。

で、ありました! オレンジ色の花は少しグリーンが入ったチューリップ。 麦と合わせて春らしく・・・。 で、今の時期の枝ものと言えば小手鞠。 銅の色とも相性抜群です。
そして、早くも火入れは早くもSOLD! 「お花が終わるころに引き取りにきます」って。何とも優しいお客様です。





Mar 22, 2012

New Arrivals of SMALL Tansu! / 小さい箪笥が沢山入荷

Sakata Small Tansu / 酒田小箪笥

If you want to enjoy the small space putting something Japanese, we recommend small Tansu for it!! It is very practical to organize the small things, so we use one for our space、of course.

We got ones with various designs and sizes, and you will find your favorite one from them!!
They will be listed on our website one by one!! Don't miss it!

Okura Oriental Art


材質も欅、黒柿、栗、杉、桐。 地域も北関東、新潟、山形、関西の全国津々浦々・・・。




Mar 19, 2012

We are OPEN on Mach 20th / 3月20日は通常営業

We went to the auction and got many items today.  Even if the shop will be very crowded with them, we will be happy to see you at the shop tomorrow.  Of course, we open the shop as usual tomorrow and hopefully you will find many interesting items.

We would like to announce about the new arrivals of many Small Tansu (over 10 pieces)with nice designs from various area.
They will be restored one by one.  We are sure you will find your favorite one from them!! If you are looking for Small Tansu, please let us know.  It should be nice for us to advise one of them!

There will be more new small items at the shop tomorrow.
Black Manekineko, 'Sudare' screen, Seto Blue & White 'Suiban' Flower Vase, Bento box, Old lacquered box, Bronze 'byobu' screen holders.

See you tomorrow!!

Okura Oriental Art




明日は天気も良さそう・・・・。 ご来店お待ち致しております。


Mar 14, 2012

'Hanami' at the shop / ひと足お先に・・・

It is still cold in Tokyo, but I'm sure the color of the sunlight is different from before.
I found very nice cherry blossoms❀ and arranged them at the shop yesterday.  They look beautiful with the table decoration and hopefully the people who pass by the shop.  Half of them are now  in bloom, and they will be the most beautiful this weekend!!

Okura Oriental Art

東京は寒くて、お花見にはまだまだといった感じですが、日中の日差しは春色ですね。 暖冬続きだったから、今年は本当に寒かったような気がします。 

ひと足お先に桜❀・・・買って活けてみました。買ってきたときは全部蕾、お店に入れて暖かくなったらどんどん蕾がピンク色になって、すでに5分咲き!! 可愛いですよね。

週末満開になると思います。 お花見?!にお出かけください!


Mar 10, 2012

See our Google Calender!! / Googleカレンダーをブログにリンクしました。

I didn't know how to use Google Calendar, but I started to use it and successfully showed our shop schedule today. Please see our blog, you will find SHOP SCHEDULE the left.  You will see when I can be at the shop, too!! I hope it will be convenient for you!

Okura Oriental Art

お恥ずかしながら、今日までGoolgeカレンダーの存在を知りませんでした・・・。で、よくお客様からお電話で「今日お店やってますか?」と訊かれるので(骨董屋さんって、よくお休みするのかしら?トホホ)、少しでもそのお手間が省ければと思い、活用することに・・・。ブログの左側「営業のご案内」の下 「こちら」をクリックしてください。


Mar 7, 2012

How do you use Japanese Trays? / 塗膳の楽しみ方

I listed many kinds of Japanese Lacquered Trays on the catalogue on our website today.  It is normally difficult to take photos of trays in our our shop, but we tried to bring home and show them altogether in the photos. I hope you will enjoy them.
The lacquered trays for individual does not seem to be suitable for our modern lives, but I would like to let you know how to enjoy them.
They look very special and many people think they are only for the special occasions.  The place mat and table cloth seems to be more common to use for the daily life.  But the lacquered trays are also good to use as place mats.  We don't have to wash them(just wipe them by soft fabric), and they are so nice to show the food on them!!  Just try to use them!!

*Please note, we will close our shop tomorrow morning (until 12:30) for our personal occasions.  We hope your understanding.  Thank you!

Okura Oriental Art

本日、漆塗りのお膳を多数掲載しました。 お膳は私も大好きな商品。 食器やお料理をとても美しく演出してくれるので重宝しています。 HPのショールーム画像にも欠かせないものとなっています。
テーブル上のデコレーション、陶磁器だけではどうしてもつまらなくなりがち。 漆器やファブリック、そして金属等、色々な素材を集めて調和させることで楽しいリズムが生まれると思うのです。
ファブリックと違って、お洗濯の必要もありません。 洗剤とスポンジで洗っても良し。布で拭くだけでも良し。手入れが簡単なのも魅力。
毎日の食卓で参考にしたいのがこちらのブログ。 気軽に楽しく大蔵の商品をほぼ毎日使って頂いています。 見ていて本当に楽しくてしかもお腹までグ~~、と鳴ってしまいます。



Mar 6, 2012

Today's Okura / 今日の大蔵オリエンタルアート

The rain stopped in the morning and getting warmer now. To feel the air of spring, we changed the decoration at the front window.  I put Obi with 'Sashiko' stitches for the table runners and chose red lacquer-ware and Imari porcelain. Forsythia yellow is nice on the table.
I may go to the florist to buy more spring flowers.

雨が止んで、すっかり暖かくなりました。 さて、ウィンドウのディスプレイでも変えましょう!
そう言えば、ブルーの刺子がしてある帯がありましたっけ。 朱塗と伊万里を選んでアクセントに瑠璃の輪花形の入れ小鉢を真中に置いてみました。香蘭社の酒器セットでお花見気分。 ちょっと足りないのがお花ですね。後で買いに行かなくては!!

And also, I just would like to show you the new arrival at the shop.  It is for Keyaki lovers, because it has so beautiful Keyaki grain on face, top and side!! It looks very quiet Tansu, but it should be nice anywhere and this massive taste will be loved by the new owner...
Just come and see it now!!

そして、お見せしたいのが、今日HPに掲載したこちらの箪笥!総欅(中は桐)の観音箪笥。 コメントにもある通り、玄人好み! 一見地味に見えるかもしれませんが、嫌みのない木目と、何処に置いても様になるこの重厚感は失われることなく、輝き続けると思います。 修復箇所もいくつかありますが、綺麗にレストアされて美しく生まれ変わりました。 永く大切に使っていただける方のところへ行って欲しいなぁ・・・。

Mar 3, 2012

Too cute!! / 可愛すぎる!!


It is very difficult to find very small and cute 'Hina' dolls....but I was so lucky to get the set of them last week.  I just want to keep them, but I want to show off them at the front window.
They were too pretty to hide only for my family!!

But I realized it was wrong... My precious friend visited us and asked me to sell them.
I listened to her story...
She gave her daughters the dolls to celebrate their independence this year. So she didn't have any her own dolls.... She was looking for a small set to display them easily, and found the set!!

They may be happy to go to her place, because I'm sure she will love them forever.

Okura Oreintal Art



お話を伺うと、お人形は二人のお嬢様に全てあげてしまったので、ご自身で気軽に飾れるお人形を探されていたとか。 きっとこの子たち、このマダムのお宅の方が幸せかもしれない。