Sep 21, 2012

Lots of Maps arrived!! / 古地図をお探しの方へ・・・

The World Map!! / 世界地図~!
We know there are so many collectors of old maps and they enjoy them in beautiful frames.   We sold many of maps of old Edo(Tokyo), Some areas (Azabu, Akasaka, Shirokane, Shiba, ect...) in Tokyo, and Old Japan.  They are well framed by Suga-art and decorate the walls at our customers house.

Today, we have listed many framed maps of Yokohama, Nagasaki, Nigata, Kobe, Hakodate, and The world!!  (We have more....Please inquire about them)
They have been already framed by Kato-Gallery in Hiroo which does the good jobas well as Suga-art.
The maps are printed in Early Meiji-era, around 1870~80.
We hope you will find one you were looking for!!

Okura Oriental Art
Yokohama map / こちらは横浜

額は広尾のKato Gelleryさんのもの。 いつもお願いしているSuga-artさん同様、外国人に定評がある額装店で和の物を洋の空間に溶け込ませるデザインが人気です。


Sep 17, 2012

Renewed! Interior Decorating Page/ ショールームページリニューアルしました!!

We have had many visitors to our interior decorating page since we started to shoot images to show HOW TO decorate Japanese antiques.  Of course, we got many requests to enjoy them more efficiently.
As their requests, the page was dramatically changed today.  Please note website address is also changed, so please update it to  if you kept it  as your favorite by the former address.  The pictures of our showroom 2012 are added to it.  Some items there have been sold, but you may get good ideas to decorate your space with Japanese Antiques!!

Okura Oriental Art



シーン別に画像をカテゴリー化、お問い合わせしやすいように通し番号を付け、より一層お楽しみいただけるページに進化発展 (笑)



Sep 12, 2012

The story of Hina Dolls / 雛屏風のお話

Have you ever seen the screen for Hina Dolls? The regular size of screen is over 150cm high, but the one for the dolls are small. Please see the picture below.


This is very good example to see clearly how to display them.  We carry the mounting hardware to hang them on the wall.  The new Hina dolls are normally very small, so the new screen is too small to do on the wall. We always try to find old ones for the old large Hina dolls.


Look!! The beautiful old color is so beautiful on the white wall!!
This picture is for autumn, and we also have the one for spring.
You may enjoy the season through a year if you have this set.
We will be happy to advise you how to decorate them!!

(*^^)v この雛屏風、仕入れました。山中湖ショールームでも、しばし楽しませていただきました。 こちらは半双・秋バージョンです。 あと半双春バージョンももちろんあります。

Hina doll's Screen (1 pair) :120,000yen

Okura Oriental Art

Sep 5, 2012

New arrivals/ 新入荷のお知らせ

We have stocked new items in summer, and it is the time to introduce all of them at the shop.
Some of the chests have been added to the catalogue on our website already, and you will find BEAUTIFUL Yonezawa Tansu there.  
2 of them are very good condition, if we had a space for them, we would never sell them!!

We got many small items, too.  The photo is just an will see elephants on Imari plates very soon!!  

Okura Oriental Art

Simple & Beautiful Yonezawa Tansu

さて・・・明日から一点ずつ小物も掲載していきますね。 まずはちょっとだけ(笑)
象さんです。 伊万里独特の顔かたち♪ 珍しく大量入荷! お楽しみに~!