Dec 29, 2012

Best wishes for a happy new year! / 良いお年をお迎えください!!

As you know, soon after Christmas, Japanese change the mood to prepare for New Years.  We have changed the window display using 'Shishigashira' and some nice items especially for a happy new year. 
It is the busiest time for Japanese to clean everywhere and buy food for the special menu called 'Osechi' & flowers. Of course, we have done it and got so busy!!
But, I like the mood, and the feeling like to expect something new in next year.

There is very interesting tradition to pray to the first sunrise of the new year in Japan.  When I was a child, I thought that sunrise is different from daily one.
But I think Japanese people strongly desire something good in new year!!
We do it, too!!!

Thank you very, very much for your kind patronage and friendship to us.
We wish everything would be wonderful for everybody and look forward to seeing you!!

*We reopen the shop from Jan 8th(Tue). Thank you.

さて・・・、本日お店もお正月モードに変更。 古い獅子頭、重箱、お銚子と色々な商品を集めてりました。 ウフ、さりげなくHPには掲載しておりましたが、可愛らしい鏡餅向付セットもちょこんと飾っています。(売りたくないNO.1!)




Angela said...

Beautiful as always Sasa-san, wishing you and your family a safe and happy New Year x

Okura Oriental Art said...

Thanks, Angela-san! Same to you....Have happy 2013!! xxx