Dec 20, 2012

What's 'SAKIORI'? / 裂織のお話

If you are acquainted with "Obi," you definitely understand how precious "Sakiori Obi" is.
"Sakiori Obi" is made from old Kimono, used during Edoperiod. The unique procedure of creating this Obi is that people tore Kimono into narrow thread; therefore, sometimes one "Sakiori Obi" happened to have a part of silk as well as a part of cotton. It tells us how much ancient Japanese people cared to conserve items for their life.
Since Showa era, artists who specialized in "Sakiori Obi " have emerged, and excellent color combination has been created by them. The number of this Obi became less and less since we cannot make it with new fabrics or materials. Why don’t you feel the special texture of “Sakiori Obi”?


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