Sep 2, 2014

今日の大蔵オリエンタルアート/ Today's Okura

ど~んと豪華な佐渡箪笥をウィンドウに。 やっぱり様になりますね。 箪笥が主役なので、小物は少なめに・・・。 


今回仕入れたこの箪笥。 金具も木材もとっても綺麗。 大切にされてきたのか、抽斗もスムーズで、ほとんど手を加えずに商品としてお店にディスプレイ出来ました。



It's cleared up and I enjoyed fresh cool air this morning.
Of course, it is the time to change our shop!!

We displayed gorgeous 'Sado Tansu' at the front window.
There are 2 famous places of Sado Tansu, Yahata and Ogi.
Yahata has very fine metal works like 'crane and tortoise', 'Ebisu and Daikoku' and etc...
We can enjoy the Japanese design on them.
Ogi has the unique design like the one in the pictures.  It seems like western motif and it should go well with western interior items.
Sado Tansu is very rare item and it is very difficult to find one in good condition.
The one at the window is VERY good condition and there were not so many points we have to repair.
It will keep everything for years very well!

Please come and see it if you are interested in!

Okura Okura Art

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