Dec 16, 2014

「忘年会」 'Bonenkai' at my friend's home

子供を通じて親しくなったお友達❤「ママ友」からの嬉しいお誘いのご連絡があり、家族でお邪魔してきました!!  ママ友の彼女は私の尊敬する食(もちろんワインも)のプロ。 彼女からの情報は食いしん坊の私にとってとっても貴重なのです。

We were invited to a 'Bonenkai' party at my friend's home yesterday.  She works for a wine company and has a very wide knowledge in all kinds of food, too.  It is my big fun to talk about it and eat & drink together.

昨夜は寒い時期限定のモンドール! を新鮮なお野菜やバケットなどにつけていただきました(*^^)v
もう食が進む進む~ パンを食べすぎてもはやメインまでたどり着けず・・・
ガーリックと白ワインを少し加えて❤   こうくると、もう何にも要りません。

First of all, she served 'Mont d'Or' cheese with vegetable & baquette.  It was so good and I ate too much!!  There was no room in my belly for main dish then but she started to bake it with garlic and white wine....
Looked too yummy.....
I ate much more,  of course.....


I don't want to regret it, but I swear to myself to go on a diet soon!

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