Mar 7, 2015

新商品掲載!/ New arrivals

今週分に仕入れた商品はあと数点あります。 また来週掲載いたします!

We have listed MANY items on our website today!
Please enjoy various items there!!

Have a nice weekend!


Angela said...

As always, such beautiful items for sale, I may place an order as Adrian will be in Japan for only one day in May (he has to visit other Asian countries too).

I took some photos this morning of some of my Japanese treasures, mostly purchased at your lovely store, they make me smile.

I hope that you are all well, loving the photos of Mai.


Okura Oriental Art said...

Thank you, Angela-san.
We hope you will send the pictures. I want to introduce your beautiful space as one customer's place:)

I look forward to to seeing Adrian-san!