Nov 11, 2016

Thank you for your visit to TAC! / ご来場ありがとうございました

International Bazaar 2016 were favored by good weather, we had many customers for 3 days.
On Nov 9th, there was a big event for American people (actually not only for American!) and they might not be a good time for shopping.  It made us realize we had the same situation 4 years ago.
I remember that American ambassador visited and shared his happiness that president Obama was re-elected holding the full-sized panel of him. We admired his humor!

We thank the customers and the staff of this event at TAC and hope they will be happy with your purchase from us
We have set up our shop and are ready to welcome you at the shop!


アメリカンクラブから徒歩7分程の小さなお店です。 良かったらお店にもいらしてくださいね。

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