May 9, 2017

本日新装オープン!!/ The shop renewed and open today!



The renovation has been finished completely, and the shop is open from today.
It was very hard work for us, because we should have packed everything and moved them out(and back!)!!  We have so many fragile items and wanted to work on them by ourselves.  After looking the new floor, we felt so refreshed! And then, I wanted to change many things.  I put Washi paper on the wall, changed many small things.  
Please come and see our shop! 

新しい床はこんな感じ!! it's new flloor!

We set up Tansu and big warehouse door and changed them to the big table!!

The strong cabinet is always filled with Imari!
We changed the layout and you will see us from the entrance!!  Please say 'Hi' to us from outside!

今日のショップの主役。吊花入れ🌸 百合、芍薬とグリーンで爽やかに。
Today's main item is Bronze hanging flower vase!  It looks very nice with flowers!

ショーウィンドウ横には、千本格子の扉を作って作った棚を。 小物が映えます!
This shelf is made from Japanese old sliding doors.  The small items look very nice there!

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